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Tile Guide


Tile has taken center stage in many a home or public place over the centuries, so it’s hardly a surprise that this timeless flooring and home accent continues to dazzle. With its timelessness and staying power, tile works both indoors and outdoors, and can be made to look traditional or trendy. 


At Meelan’s Carpet One Floor & Home in Yorkville, NY, we’re your one-stop shop when planning your next tile project. We can help match you with the perfect tile style and type, calling on each tile’s rating and grade to help you determine how your new floor will react to moisture, time, and daily toil. Are you considering tile for your flooring or for your walls? Here are some more things to keep in mind.  

Expert Advice - Choose the Perfect Tile

Join our very own Jim Aaron, VP of Merchandising for Carpet One Floor & Home, for some information on the three basic types of tile flooring: ceramic, porcelain, and stone.


Types of Tile


Modern-day tile is made using all types of materials, however the majority of tile is made from either ceramic, porcelain, or stone. Our expansive tile inventory reflects this. 

Ceramic and porcelain tile are both made out of organic clays and minerals, which are then kiln-fired. Porcelain tile is fired for a longer time and at a higher temperature so the end result is much denser. Both of these tiles work well in a kitchen or bathroom. Stone tile is made using natural rocks, which are either in their rough state or heavily polished. Stone works great both indoors and outdoors.



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Where can Tile be Installed?

With so many different types of tile now available, it’s possible to enjoy tile pretty much anywhere. Most, in general, are well-equipped to handle moisture and humidity. Many are considered 100% waterproof, and all are easy to take care of. 



Benefits of Tile 

There are many great reasons for opting for tile. Tile is perhaps one of the most expansive flooring families in the industry, with an ever-growing roster of patterns, shapes, materials, colors, and designs to choose from. Additionally, it’s very easy to customize a specific look by arranging your tile according to your unique tastes, creating a floor that’s truly your own. This holds true whether you’re using tile on your floors, or as a wall backsplash.


Tile Durability

How do you decide which tile is right for you? We recommend that you first pay close consideration to your tile’s PEI wear rating (Porcelain Enamel Institute). This handy tool is very accurate in helping determine how your tile product will wear in different environments. A “5” rating is considered the sturdiest tile; while a “1” rating is best reserved for decorative accents.


Our Tile Selection 

At Meelan’s Carpet One Floor & Home we carry all types of indoor and outdoor tile products, with all your favorite brands beautifully displayed in our showroom. Visit us at 5126 Commercial Drive East in Yorkville, NY today and explore your many tile options. 



Tile Inspiration


When it comes to creating new looks using tile, the sky is truly the limit. Our expert designers have created these trendy designs using some of our most popular tile products. 






How to Maintain Tile Flooring

Tile has an uncanny ability to keep tidy.  Still, you’ll never regret adhering to a careful care and maintenance plan to ensure many happy tomorrows.





Backsplash Tile

Backsplash Tile

A tile backsplash is an excellent choice if you want to bring refined taste to your home. It is available in many styles, shapes, and sizes, so you can get a tile backsplash that is unique to your home.








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